Planning Concepts

The Importance of a Will Distributing your Assets At Death. Please click here to learn more.
La Importancia De Un Testamento Disponiendo De Sus Bienes Al Morir. A pesar de la importancia de un plan patrimonial, el cual incluye un testamento, el 70% de las personas en los Estados Unidos aun no cuenta con uno. Please click here to learn more.
The Life Insurance Professional A Valuable Member Of Your Estate Planning Team. When was the last time you met with your team of professionals to help you with a key financial decision? If you are like most people, the answer is:"What team of professionals? Please click here to learn more.
Tax Deferral What It Can Do For You. Let's face it-you work hard for your money, and that's why you need your money to work hard for you. Of course, income tax is a fact of life and it's not something you have a great deal of control over. However, there is a way to accumulate money without having to pay taxes on it-at least not until you use it. It's called tax deferral, and several types of insurance and financial products offer it. Please click here to learn more.
The Cost Of Waiting Procrastinating Can Be Expensive. Time - It can be a powerful tool in buildging wealth. Let it work for you. The sooner you put your plan into action, the more likely you are to reach your goals. Please click here to learn more.
Your Children's Education Sending Children to college can be a major financial burden for many parents. Establishing a sound financial strategy can be a key to easing that burden, and allow your chlidren the education they deserve. Please click here to learn more.
Supplemental Life Insurance For Retirement Planning Helping To Protect Your Future. Even though you may think you are well on your way to a comfortable nest egg, relying solely upon traditional means for your retirement income could prove costly.Please click here to learn more.
Term and Permanent Life Insurance The term versu cash value life insurance debate has gone on for years, as if it were possible to say that one type of coverage is all good, the other all bad. Sorry, its just not that simple. Please click here to learn more.
Long Term Care Insurance - Long Term Care insurance is becoming a major concern for consumers. Please click here to learn more.
CD vs. Deferred Annuity Which Best Meets Your Needs? They're both quality financial tools. If you're debating whether the best place for your money is a certificate of deposit (CD) or deferred annuity, the answer depends upon your individual financial situation and investment objective. Please click here to learn more.
Certificado de Deposito vs. Anualidad Diferida Cual Cubre Mejor Sus Necesidades? Las dos son herramientas economicas excelentes. Si usted se pregunta si el mejor lugar para guardar su dinero es un certificado de deposito (CD) o una anualidad diferida, la respuesta depende de su situacion economica individual y de sus metas de inversion.Please click here to learn more.
Variable Insurance And Investment Products It's almost impossible today to look at a newspaper or magazine without reading about mutual funds, variable annuities, variable universal life, and other investment products sold by banks, insurance companies, stockbrokers, and other companies. Please click here to learn more.
Dollar Cost Averaging If you are looking for an investment strategy that offers simplicity, with a long-term approach, this technique may be right for you. Please click here to learn more.
Buy-Sell Agreements Establishing a Buy-Sell Agreement is one of the most important steps you can take to secure the continuation of your business. A buy-sell agreement can cover a buy-out due to retirement, death, or disability, and helps "peg" the value of your business for estate tax purposes. Please click here to learn more.
Acerdos De Compra-Venta Para La Continuacion De Su Negocio. Please click here to learn more.
Undervalued Buy-Sell Agreement The Consequences Could Be Costly. Please click here to learn more.
Estate Planning Without proper estate planning over half the value of your estate could be lost to federal estate taxes at death. In other words, the IRS, not your heirs, could be the single largest beneficiary of your estate. Please click here to learn more.
Planeacion Patrimonial Es una Realidad De La Vida. Realidad: sin una planificacion apropiada de su patrimonio, al morir, mas de la mitad del valor de su patrimonio puede perderse en impuestos federales sobre bienes hereditarios. En otras palabras, el IRS, no sus herederos, puede ser el beneficiario unico mas grande de su herencia.Please click here to learn more.
Your Spouse And Your Pension Is Pension Maximization Right For You? You face a tough dilemma if you're in line for a Pension at retirement. It could cost you and your spouse thousand of dollars and take a big chunk out of your children's inheritance. Please click here to learn more. 
What To Do When Someone Dies The death of a family member or close personal friend is a difficult subject for almost everyone. The tendency is to postpone dealing with it until the time comes. Unfortunately, when it does, survivors are expected to make many crucial financial and legal decisions. Please click here to learn more.
Seguro de Vida Temporal y Seguro de Vida Permanente Cual Satisface Mejor Sus Necesidades? El debate entre el seguro de vida temporal y el seguro de vida con valor en efectivo se ha llevado acabo desde hace muchos anos, como si fuera posible acertar que un tipo de cobertura es totalmente inutil. Sentimos informarle que no es tan sencillo. Please click here to learn more.




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